Landscaping Project – Newport

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The Start:

Our services were required to prevent the collapse of the customer’s retaining garden wall. This would also involve redesigning the space to create steps to an area of the garden that was particularly awkward to access.

The Middle:

With safety a key consideration, we appointed a structural surveyor for advice. The most effective and aesthetically pleasing solution was to construct buttresses to support and make safe the ailing wall and remove its unsteady top area in the process.

The works required a great deal of excavation and landscaping, made problematic by a small gateway being the only access into the area. However, we were able to use a micro digger which significantly reduced the man hours needed. The construction of the buttresses resulted in the retaining wall being strong enough for us to reduce its height, making it more aesthetically pleasing and enhancing the view. We formed concrete steps to the newly landscaped space and created a beautiful upper seating area, utilising existing materials to maintain the original appearance.

The Finish:

The customer was hugely impressed with the work carried out and was especially relieved when we were able to relocate much loved shrubs to other areas of the garden. She feels rejuvenated by her new safe and attractive garden. Although the works began with making the wall and its surroundings safe and stable, we were able to create an additional outdoor living space in a previously unusable area.