Indoor-Outdoor Living Space – Langstone

The Start:

Our client wanted to give her older property a sleek, open new look, including opening up her living space by adding specialist large doors to help bring the outside in.

The Middle:

We removed the plain old doors and a window, including reinforcing with steel beams due to the scale of the project. The customer had pre-selected some beautiful German-engineered doors, which were new for us, but we were really looking forward to the challenge!

The brickwork needed to be matched in to ensure the doors were fully integrated into the look of the house. When the doors arrived the instructions were pretty basic, meaning we needed to use our imagination, and there was no leeway for error – good job we pride ourselves on getting it right first time!

The Finish:

The customer was delighted with the results – admiring every last detail, including the fine finishes like the mastic used to seal the doors to the brickwork, which we took great care over. She was so pleased that we are now moving on to work on the interior of the house.